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AquaMaster Oxymax Aeration System

Oxymax® Aeration Systems work from the bottom of the pond, completely submerged, out of sight and silent. It couples an electric motor to a propeller water transport system. The oxygen-depleted water is moved rapidly from the bottom of the pond directly and effciently to the surface. The cooler, denser water absorbs oxygen as it quickly spreads across the pond. It returns down through the de-stratifed layers, providing equal distribution of oxygenated water.

Features & Benefits
• Totally out of sight and silent, submerged to bottomOxymax
• Lightweight, small size makes it highly mobile and easily relocated for spot problems (½HP)
• Ideal for fish impoundments, keeps ponds open year round (where applicable) eliminating winter kill
• No possible freeze damage - aerator is totally submerged 
• Submerged motor and seals lubricated by non-toxic food grade oil for longer life
• ½ to 5HP, 1 and 3 phase motors
• Easily adapts to any pond 2.5' to 20' deep
• Low-profile float mounted below waterline
• Quality stainless steel components Oxymax® 
Note: 1HP per surface acre. Increase number of units for ponds with restricted circulation and/or severe nutrient load conditions.
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Product Code: AQ-OAS
Manufacturer: AQUAMASTER


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